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Do you love to sing? We are currently recruiting boys and girls age 6-18, and adults with good sight reading ability.

“I have always been shocked by the intensity of my feelings as a chorister parent. It is a bit of an addiction! You learn the rhythm of the church year, find yourself holding your breath on the long notes, loving the smell of old incense in dusty churches. And then there is the sound…that moment when the treble voices rise into the vaulted ceiling and all the hairs on your neck rise up. I loved hearing the choir sing today. Loved watching rowdy choristers zipping around the church and then seeing them transform into serious, focussed musicians, making a glorious noise.”
Joy French, choir parent

Steel City Choristers is made up of boys and girls aged 6-18 as well as semi-professional adult singers.

Membership of Steel City Choristers is free of charge. Those who would like to support the choir financially do so by becoming a Friend.

Please watch this video to find out more about joining us.

If you love to sing, we’d love to hear from you!

For further information please email our Director of Music, Joshua Stephens, at

For enquiries relating to prospective choristers, please include:

  • Parent/guardian’s name
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s age
  • A telephone number.

Rehearsals are on Mondays 4.30 – 6.00pm and Fridays 4.30 – 6.30pm at St John the Baptist church, Owlerton. New junior choristers start rehearsing only on Mondays. Our Clerks and Changing Voices rehearse only on Fridays.

Choristers also receive free individual singing lessons twice a month in Ecclesall.

Membership of Steel City Choristers is free of charge. Families who would like to support the choir financially can do so by becoming a Friend.

Informal auditions are held throughout the year.

In prospective choristers we look for a love of singing, signs of a musical ear, and the ability to hold a simple tune and follow instruction.

No previous singing or musical experience is required for children to join the choir and there are no charges or fees.

We would like to hear from adults who may be interested in joining us as a Steel City Clerk. You will need to have previous choral experience, and good sight reading ability.

Clerks rehearse from 6.00-7.30pm on Friday evenings. If you are interested in becoming involved, but cannot commit to these Friday rehearsals, then we would still be interested to hear from you – we do occasionally call upon extra singers for our events.

Please email for more information and to arrange an audition.

Our younger choristers have specialist sessions on Mondays in which they learn about music and singing in a choir through simple songs and Kodaly singing games.

As well as having fun through games with our youth-worker, they also enjoy OutoftheBox stories and listening activities that help them explore and understand the English choral tradition. 

After a term or two, younger choristers join the other choristers in Monday rehearsals. They then transition gradually to being full choristers, coming to rehearsals on both Mondays and Fridays.

We encourage and support our boys to continue singing as their voices change. We also welcome interest from new boys with changed or changing voices who have previous experience of choral singing.

Our Changing Voices rehearse on Fridays with the senior choristers and also with the Clerks.

Youth work is an important part of work with choristers, helping them to relax, enjoy themselves, and build relationships and friendships in the choir. This brings benefits for them personally as well as helping them to sing well together.

Our experienced youth-worker runs games and activities for the choristers as part of our Monday rehearsals as well as providing pastoral support. She creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that helps the children get to know each other and to feel open to exploring their experience of singing choral music.

At least once a term, choir families come together for social events such as games in the park, bowling or a party at someone’s home.